Nice case. Inert Products manufactures and distributes the largest assortment of replica and inert ordnance in the world. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The bore has corrosion from firing and poor cleaning, or maybe just exposure to salt air for extended periods. The Drill Cartridge is a hollow metal body with a bronze base plate and a replaceable Dummy Fuze M59 that duplicates the exterior of the M48 Point Detonating Fuze. Primer appears to be Remington 1945 type. This means the end of the cartridge case has to be plugged with something to keep the powder in and water and crud out. Also one cardboard shipping box for ten M44A2 yellow single star cartridges. This projectile has been removed from the case, and there are bits and glue on the fins and sealant and bits of the case mouth where it was sealed together. They are also nearly unique in their having a rim diameter much smaller (or "rebated") than the base of the case. Lots of , or lot of five rounds for $20, or single rounds are priced per round at $5.00 (View Picture), 21975 81mm Mortar Cartridge, Ignition, M6 - These were the replacement for the earlier shotgun style ignition cartridges. Overall heavily pitted with an old coat of green paint. We have several, but these are being sold individually. There are nine arming delays from 2 to 18 seconds in 2-second increments, and any combination of six functioning delays from instantaneous to 250 milliseconds (0.250 seconds) may be selected. Finally in 1913 the French army purchased a small number under the designation Canon de 105 Mle 1913 Schneider; also known as the L 13 S. M17A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, White Star Parachute Flare A firing pin in the center of the cap will then ignite the primer and the signal will be fired. These were used with the International Flare Signal and Kilgore Model 52 flare guns, and probably all the other heavy 37mm flare guns with barrels about 8 inches long. for saluting cartridges. Totally INERT, no explosive or flammable components. Except for the rifling marks it pretty much looks like an unfired round. The projectiles are attached to a combustible cartridge case with a steel base cup. Vintage WW2 Brass Artillery Shell 90 MM M19 Lot 2-1300-18 S. M. C. 1941 Symbol $69.99 $14.85 shipping 15 watching Pair of Brass Artillery Shell Lamps WWII Mortar Casing Vintage Tall Column Lamps $750.00 $130.00 shipping or Best Offer U.S.ARTILLERY FIRING DVD, GUN,SHELL,AMMO,COLOR CARTRIDGE,SUBMUN.GRENADES,ROCKET $24.97 Free shipping We have had several of the smaller 10.5cm and 15 cm morser cases, but this is the first 21 cm case. I discovered that it is missing the extractor, but since no one has the impulse cartridges or rockets any more who cares. This is an excellent brass case with good markings, probably a remarked Japanese made case. Great! Tough to find as most were thrown overboard after being fired, or returned for scrap. NOTE- VOLUMES 1 & 2 of "Gun for all Nations" are back in stock- limited supply! Create a Show & TellReport as inappropriate. INERT, no flammable of explosive components. These were made from unfired cases, or factory seconds. Price per signal in sealed container. Beginning in 1943 the 40mm Bofors began to replace the 20mm Oerlikons with greater range and stopping power and all Oerlikons were removed from the fleet by the mid-1950s.. But, the body of the projectile does not fragment, avoiding damage to the sleeve or target drone so they can be used for multiple firing runs. Be careful when buying a 3", a lot of mismatches out there, example, Navy 3" stuck in Army cases, vice versa. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Browse our ordnance products below and be sure to check our store frequently as new military surplus ordnance items are added to our store as we acquire new surplus items. However, detonation is unlikely if the collar (forward end of the fuze) is sheared off by an accidental drop before arming is complete. This is a 3/50 case Mark 7 Mod 1 from SMC with a 10-43 date, the year they resorted to making steel pennies to save copper for the war effort. Several dents in the case walls but overall VG condition. Those cases are hard to find, and the standard primer only cases which would be correct are pretty common. This is the M14B1 which is the drawn case the same as the most common brass case, the M14, but made from steel instead of brass. These guns were more lethal than the more widely used .50 caliber Browning machine guns, but reliability problems slowed their introduction into service. In my opinion the wiring is unsafe and before using as a lamp, the receptacle, wire and plug should be replaced- probably less than $10 to do that. Just the thing to spice up your flare gun collection. Shipping policies vary, but many of our sellers offer free shipping when you purchase from them. Excellent condition $29.00 (View Picture), 396 WW2 GERMAN 75mm PAK 40 ANTI-TANK GUN STEEL CASE (75 x 714mmR) - This is the 6340 style case, made in either brass or steel. INERT- No flammable or explosive components. Headstamp WINCHESTER 60mm M4, Closing wad marked W.R.A. For a ton of info and photos on these, and many other WW1 era artillery items, check out Overall pretty nice condition, having been polished once buyt now ready for a good cleaning again. 3. 490/Karth./ POLTE/ MAI 1918/ MAGDEBURG/ Sp406. Partial stencil marking 75 and a few other letters is visible, but no headstamp markings. I expect to see all of these in the future volumes of this set. Big one size M5 8cm, made in Wienna in 1908 by Georg Roth Ammunition Company. No hole in the case, but easy to add if you like. This .58 Short Gatling is sometimes called the .58 Mountain Gun Gatling but origin of that name is unclear. This used a standard steel case with the old load information removed and new stencil markings "3"/50 CARTRIDGE CASE/ DUMMY-INERT/ FOR WESTERN DEMIL TEST" on the case. civil war 100 pound artillery shell (o . This provided some pressure for launching but mainly blew hot gasses out the side of the base tube which would ignite the attached bags of propelling powder increments. The M577 fuze is the only authorized fuze, and when it activates, an expulsion charged will expel the payload and base plug. The fourth is an Amber Star Cluster M22A1 dated 1953. These would have been used in the Royal Flying Corps signal guns, either for signaling from the ground to aircraft or vice versa. The bottom of the shell reads "90MM-M19 Lot Nor- 5-59 1953". INERT- no flammable or explosive material.The Type 41 Mountain Gun which was a license-built copy of the Krupp M.08 mountain gun. They were introduced in 1942, consisting basically of a lightweight pipe with sights and a shoulder rest, for firing a solid fuel rocket with a shaped charge high explosive warhead. The smaller 10 pound Parrot shells are fairly common, but the 30 pounders are scarce. $95.00 (View Picture), 22213 U.S. NAVY FACTORY LOADED 3"/50 (76.2 x 585mmR) ARMOR PIERCING MARK 29 MOD 2 DUMMY INERT CARTRIDGE - The steel cartridge case is circa 1950s and the projectile is dated 1942, but it was likely loaded in this configuration in the 1980s-90s. We have several and most seem to be early 1970s dates. Handguns Location & Hours Billings Army Navy Surplus 10 N. 29th St. Billings MT 59101. The base was a metal base (similar tot hat used in the 120mm guns) cemented to the combustible case. This round is one assembled during WW2 using a WW1 style common projectile with the narrow rotating band and equipped only for a base fuze. The 155-mm Howitzer M1 was developed as an afterthought, in the late 1930s, when the U.S. Army . The headstamps definitely look French, but we are not sure if this is WW1 era, or a later WW2 era case. Lots of five rounds for $20, or single rounds are priced per round at $5.00 each $125.00 (View Picture), 14318 WW1 GERMAN FIELD GUN BRASS SHELL CASE FOR 10CM KANONE 1917 and others - 105 x 505mm Rimmed. You see lots of the steel 90mm cases, but few of the brass. However, despite its simplicity, low cost, and effectives (so easy a young child could use it) the concept was not adopted until 1929 by the International Conference for Saving of Life at Sea Treaty (SOLAS). INERT. INERT- no explosive or flammable components. The USAF uses the same charge all the time, while the ground gunners usually pull one of more increments of propelling charges to vary the range or trajectory to fit the mission. The brass case is the M25 designation used by the Army. Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Steel case was standard M14B1, but that designation was xd out when it was shortened for blank use. Brass case in excellent condition, never polished with crisp headstamp Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn, U.S.A. dated 5-91 (May, 1891) and flaming bomb with B in the body. These dummy cartridges were made for training use, and feature a regular case with three holes drilled in it, and a regular (bur empty) projectile which is silver soldered to the neck to withstand harsh use. cannon shell excavated from shipwreck in north carolina (o-2) civil war 12lb. The 90mm gun was used in the M36 and M41 guns used in the M47 and M48 tanks and even in some WW2 tank destroyers, and on artillery carriages and the M56 Scorpion. The 90mm guns was used in the M48 series of tanks until the M48A5 was upgunned to 105mm. Originally it was the standard pack artillery weapon. The stronger M30 mortar could achieve longer ranges than the earlier mortars using the M329 projectile with a boat tail shape and pre-engraved roatating band. We would be glad to answer any questions about the items we offer. The M18A3 cartridges are turned from steel and then chrome(?) These were shaped and then placed into the mold prior to pouring the cast iron projectile body. Totally inert. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. 25 For Sale BRASS 40mm CANNON SHELL CASE DATED 1954 12" tall. INERT, no flammable or explosive components. When fired, the sabot/rotating band usually blew off on firing or impact, so they are rarely found on fired examples. The later drawn cases are fairly common, but the coiled cases are extremely rare. These are all INERT examples. The Northrop example lost out, and apparently only those two bidders got to the actual gun construction stage. This is the nicest condition of all, free from even minor dings or dents. Apartments For Sale; Duplexes For Sale; Homes For Sale; Villas For Sale . This projectile is for the 30 pounder, using the smooth looking brass sabot or rotating band which was cast onto the projectile body which was cast with a groove at the base for the band. The Brits used two Hispano cannons in the later Spitfire fighters. These were used during WW2 with the 3"/50 caliber slow fire guns which were the main battery on the Destroyer Escorts for use against surface ships, aircraft, and shore bombardment targets. However, the mouth is heavily corroded and has several age splits. PFM-1 is a small, scatterable Anti-Personnel (AP) mine with a body made from low-density polythene. 105MM. These 57mm/6 pounder guns were effective against the PzKpfw IV and similar tanks, but seldom penetrated the Panther or Tiger series armor. 6bd 900 sqm. 3.7 cm PAK 36. The Armor Piercing projectile is marked AP on the rotating band along with naval anchor inspector markings on the band and the body. These remained in used with the post-WW2 Shermans with the 76mm gun (including the M4A3E8 Easy 8) were in use long after Korea, and for several more decades with various foreign countries. The price applies to two items. A nice WW2 round with interesting markings and the old paint color code. The shell body is of thin-walled type with high fragmentation and blast effect. 3D Printed OF- 530 152mm Russian Artillery Shell- fake- All Plastic- Cosplay, 3D Printed M332A1 90mm HVAP-T Replica Shell. A black band can also mean dark tracer. The tall central case is a U.S. 37 x 223mm Rimmed case M16, used in the .37mm anti-tank guns and as the main gun in the M3 and M5 light tanks. 3- 20 x 110MM U.S. NAVY DUMMY CARTRIDGE (Mark 100 or Mark 103 Mod 1) FOR Mark 11 and Mark 12 AIRCRAFT CANNONS- Circa 1965 $49.00 (View Picture), 10094 U.S. 4.2 INCH MORTAR ILLUMINATING SHELL M335A2 - These are used to provide battlefield illumination or harassment of enemy troops. Headstamp as shown in the photos, sort of grungy condition, but price reflects this. A great item for anyone wanting a superb condition 105mm Howitzer case for display. I had seen a few months ago a pair of correct Army 3" ( APC and HE) bring $1200, they sold within a few hours of posting. Ships still carry line throwers in various configuration, and they are also widely used by firefighters. Unless otherwise stated all are very good condition with assorted minor dings of 100 year old fired artillery cases. Cowboy & Old Western History Description This cartridge is used to train personnel armed with the 90mm recoilless rifles in handling and use of HEAT rounds. This advert is located in and around Orpington, Kent. $95.00 (View Picture), 3491 U.S. NAVY 3"/50 MK 7 MOD 1 BRASS SHELL CASING DATED 1942 - (76.2 x 585mm Rimmed) Nice clean brass case with desirable early WW2 1942 date. 3D printed 105MM M1 Artillery Shell - The Original Whiskey Stash- Life size! See photo for details. Typical example shown- type of finish may vary but all in excellent condition. Projectile is INERT (non-explosive), but propelling charge may or may not be present $250.00 (View Picture), 22775 11-52 RED STAR PARACHUTE SIGNAL- SIGNAL PYROTECHNIC CO. LOS ANGELES - DISTRESS SIGNAL FOR MERCHANT VESSELS/ 20,000 CANDLEPOWER/ USE ONLY WHEN AIRCRAFT OR VESSEL IS SIGHTED/ DIRECTIONS- FIRE UPWARD FROM SIGNAL PISTOL is ink stamped on the thin aluminum case of the flare signal The short aluminum cartridge case headstamp identifies the maker and patent info along with date of November 1952. Photo shows typical example of the few we have (all in similar condition), but not necesessarily the exact round you will receive. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Ww1 royal artillery. Overview Downloads News It comprises of a high tensile steel body, filled with RDX/TNT and fitted with a user selected fuze (typically L106). The same basic gun has been mounted on a variety of armored vehicle hulls (USMC AMTRACS; M4 Sherman hulls as the M7 Priest, or later M52 and M108 guns), and even mounted in the AC-130 Spectre gunships. Some of the edges of the sabot cup are missing, the result of being fired. This one is the INERT practice version, confirmed by the Cyrillic "Y" stamped through the plastic body and the white mark around the fuze. Seven of the most important official references, with over 2,600 pages of information, loaded with detailed drawings, specifications, markings, etc. Very scarce and no information found after a diligent search of everything I could think of. . Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. To place an order, click here. on Apr 27, 2019 Sale Price $3.40 About 90% of the original blue paint and white markings remain, and the obturator is intact. Case is tarnished and may have a few minor dents or dings, but overall is near excellent condition. M20A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, Green Star Cluster Flare Driven by the inertia upon hitting the target, the base fuze of the Groe Gewehr-Panzergranate actuated a percussion cap, which fired an instantaneous detonator seated in the compressed penthrite pellet of the gaine, which in turn transmitted the detonation through an adjacent penthrite pellet (the booster) to the main TNT filling, so collapsing the internal steel cone to create a superplastic high-velocity jet to punch through enemy armor. Loaded, live round, but due to age and apparent poor storages sold as display item only and not safe for actual use. $55.00 (View Picture), 20436 LOT OF 3 EARLY(?) The shell is made of solid brass with markings across the bottom. W.C. 3D Printed 105MM M1 Canadian 2 1/2 Square Artillery Shell - Piggy Bank, WW1 Trench Art Vase Brass Artillery Shell Italian Front, Confederate Artillery Shell Jacket,Butternut,Civil War, Civil War Union Artillery Shell Jacket All Sizes Available Navy Blue Wool, Civil War Officer's Artillery Grey with yellow Double Breast Shell Jacket, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. INERT- no flammable or explosive components $135.00 (View Picture), 21427 RARE SWISS MODEL 1866 HIGH EXPLOSIVE STUDDED PROJECTILE FOR 4 POUNDER FIELD GUN - Getting muzzle loading projectiles to effectively engage in rifled cannons was an ongoing problem, and many different approaches were tried circa 1850-1880 when the shift to breech loading guns allowed the use of modern style oversize bands to fully seal the bore and engage the rifling. The nose is drilled with a tapered hole for a wooden fuze plug unlike the more sophisticated federal shells which used threaded plugs. These were a series of guns starting with the Model 1918 anti-aircraft gun. This is a truly impressive work, with far more information of interest to the historian or arms collectors with only passing interest in the cartridge themselves than might be expected. Used, good but cases are gray and ugly and dirty. nhs- projectile marked 1945 20mm M99. GREEN 2 Mark I Pyrotechnic Pistol based on a Webley frame, and the Mark III Signal Pistol based on the Mark IV Webley introduced in 1915. The howitzer first saw action in North Africa in 1942. Play Video; Only 1 left. This is a rare unfired 90mm Cockerell (90x352) low pressure gun HEAT-T (High Explosive Anti-Tank/Trace) (Fin Stabilised) target practice tracer projectile for the Cockerell Mk3-MA1 90mm gun fitted to turrets of several armoured vehicles, including the Scorpion 90 and Indonesian Anoa 6x6 armoured car. $195.00 (View Picture), 10095B- 20 x 110mm RB OERLIKON (2 rounds) Some of the Hispano-Suiza type guns were also mounted as anti-aircraft weapons in army tanks or halftrack variants. Basement Each is a self contained unit, basically an aluminum tube with a primer on the breech end and the other end open, but covered with an aluminum cap for shipping. during WW1. Please use this form to ask questions PUBLICLY about this specific product to previous customers of this product. However civilians often fell prey to the mine. THE LOT OF 3 DIFFERENT for only $99.00 (View Picture), 20474 U.S. APDS PROJECTILE PENETRATOR(105mm M724??) 37 mm gun M3 . When the mechanical time fuze goes off, it ignites an expelling charge which ignites and ejects the flare canister and its parachute by blowing off the base plate. click here for telephone contact information. The brass nose fuze has one very deep hole drilled in the side (for safety pin?).